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Networking is not collecting contacts! 

Networking is about planting relations!

                                            - MaShi.At



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2017 OPA+ Gathering

The 3rd Annual OPA+ Gathering

  was held on March 11th 2017

  at Fife House

2016 OPA+ Gathering

The 2nd Annual OPA+ Gathering

 was held on May 27, 2016 at Fife  House

2015 OPA+ Caucus Report

1st Annual OPA+ Caucus report is published. You are welcome to review it and dowload it from our website.

Call For ART Work

OPA+ is building a media platform that it can gain OPA+ members a gateway to tell story of life of asian living with HIV.

Support OPA+

OPA+ is very appreciatethe support from both organization ACAS and ASAAP. OPA+ also is looking for your support!

in Canada
Virtual Conference

PADENA 2024 poster small.jpg

Call Us:


260 Spadina Ave,
Suite 410
Toronto, ON, M5T 2E4
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